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About DC   

Human: Connect with a real, compassionate, knowledgeable person who understands you

Vivante: Connectez-vous avec une vraie personne informée et instruite, pour qui la langue est une passion

Native English-speaker: Born and raised in the USA

De langue maternelle anglaise (américaine): Née et élevée dans l'état de Michigan (USA)

Bilingual: English and French. Concentrated scope of expertise means superlative results

Bilingue: Anglais et français. Une attention toute particulière vous rendra un résultat exceptionnel

Educated: Master’s degree, specializing in language instruction

Diplômée: Maîtrise en enseignement de langues

Experienced: 31 years combined bilingual teaching, translating, interpreting, writing, editing

Expérimentée: 31 ans: enseignement, traduction, interprétation, écriture, rédaction, correction

Uncompromising: Exceptional standards deliver you the most valuable product

Exigeante: Qualité supérieure pour un résultat haut-de-gamme

Language is my passion, my inspiration.

I believe that language is art and power, revealing a person’s character, sense of humor, intelligence and social standing. So much more powerful than the words we know is how we use them: to unite people, build businesses, join families and bridge cultures.

-Donna Carpentier, founder of DC Language Services

Born (1966) and raised in the state of Michigan, USA.


  • Bachelor’s Degree, Central Michigan University, in Secondary Education:
  • Major—English Grammar and Literature
  • Minor—French
  • Certificat, Alliance Française, Paris.
  • Master’s Degree, Wayne State University, in French Language and Culture.
  • French language learning and teaching: theory, research, phonetics, etymology, philosophy, culture and literature.
  • Certificat, l’Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France.


Business owner, DC Bilingual Language Services, website, currently based in North Carolina.

Advanced Placement French, Private French Language Instructor, North Carolina (student earned 5/5 on the AP Exam)

Professor of French Language, Film and Culture, French Teacher Preparation, Winthrop University, South Carolina.

English Language Teacher, Private Contractor for an internet company, serving French Executives.

Interpreter, translator, teacher. Private Contractor, International Bureau of Translations: Indianapolis, Indiana.

Teacher: English and French. Roeper School, 6th through 12th grades, Gifted program.

Private, adult business professionals; children and teens: Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina; Paris.

Summer and school holiday French language camps; children and teens.

Coach: Forensics (public speaking and debate)

Interpreter, translator, teacher. Private Contractor, International Bureau of Translations: Indianapolis, Indiana.

Chief Writer, Editor and Publisher of the Alliance Française d’Indianapolis’ Monthly Bulletin d’Information.

Board Member, Conversation Group Leader, Event Co-Planner, Alliance Française d’Indianapolis.

French Language and Culture Guest Speaker. 


Married, 30 years

Mom of 2 boys: Sebastien (26o); Cameron (23)

Coach: Rocket Man Pole Vault (owner, coach); former Cross Country and Distance Track, Lake Norman High School.

Running; downhill skiing; boating, wake boarding and wake surfing; cooking